For The Diamond Drop
And Your Entry into the Opportunity Drawings

Your experience at The Diamond Ball would not be complete without making a donation to The Diamond Drop.

A jeweler will be on site during The Diamond Ball to provide you with an appraisal on the spot. Once you commit your contribution to one of our incredible charity recipients, the jeweler will transform your jewels into an official donation and you will be entered to win the Opportunity Drawings.

The Diamond Drop

Here’s how it works:
Step #1
Commit to support The Diamond Ball in raising money for animal charities that save lives.

Step #2
Purchase your ticket to The Diamond Ball.

Step #3
Go through that jewelry box! Collect all that gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, watches and coins to be donated to The Diamond Ball.

Step #4
Bring your gold, gems and jewels to The Ball. That evening an appraiser will provide you with the total value of your baubles and you can decide how much to donate to save lives.

Step #5
The appraiser will present you with an organza jewelry bag, a written slip with the amount of your donation and a little trinket from us. Then you are ready for the cat walk (or should we call it the dog walk?)

Step #6
Drop your Diamond Donation into our diamond collection. You are now entered into the Opportunity Drawings for a chance to win.

Guests Must Be Present to Win